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Your TV Got Smart To Smarter

There’s never been a better time to buy a new TV. Yes, there’s always going to be an awesome sale to take advantage of, but when we say best, we’re referring more to the modern age of picture tech. Now that 4K resolution is the norm in terms of pixel count, top brands are focusing on maximizing brightness, color, contrast, motion capabilities, and smart TV add-ons. The end result: some of the best TVs that have ever been made.

As for right now, we think the 65-inch LG G2 Gallery Series 4K OLED TV is the best TV you can buy. With its stunning LG OLED Evo panel, the G2 delivers the best color volume and black levels we’ve seen on any TV — bar-none. And in terms of the overall G2 experience, great color and contrast are merely scratching the surface of what this 2022 OLED can do.

And while the LG G2 is our current top pick, it carries a premium price tag, which puts it out of reach for many. But the good news is that many of the best TVs of 2022 are far more affordable. And even if they can’t quite match all of the G2’s attributes, some come very close.